What are your business hours?
Consultations are available Tuesday 08:30 - 14:30, Wednesday 08:30 - 14:30 and Thursday 08:30 - 12:30. You can contact us by phone Tuesday - Friday 08:30 - 14:30, if we do not make it to the phone in time please leave a message and our staff will endeavour to return your call as soon as possible.
Do I need a referral?
Yes, in order to be eligible for a medicare rebate your require a referral from your GP or another medical specialist.
Do you provide telehealth consultations?
Yes telehealth consultations are available. Unless absolutely necessary initial consultation are preferably in person to facilitate physical examination. If preferred the majority of review consultations can be performed by telehealth.
Do you provide support for long-term opioid prescriptions?
We do not provide review purely for the authority/support of long-term opioid prescriptions. Opioid analgesics are highly effective in managing pain and improving function for short periods of time (acute pain) and can be effective in managing cancer related pain in the short to medium term. Unfortunately they frequently fail to provide meaningful improvements in function or quality of life when used for longer periods (greater than 3 months) without recurrent dangerous dose increases. In certain instances newer 'atypical' opioid analgesics can form part of an appropriate multidimensional management plan, in which case support/authority will be provided for ongoing use.
Do I need private health insurance?
Private health insurance is recommended in order to receive the full range of management in most cases. Out of hospital fees are not covered by private health insurance (although you will receive a Medicare rebate provided you have a valid referral). A range of simple interventional procedures can be performed in the rooms under ultrasound guidance and are mostly covered by a Medicare rebate. More involved procedural interventions require admission to a private hospital. In general this is often prohibitively expensive without appropriate Private Health Insurance (Gold, Silver or Bronze level cover).
What are the consultation fees?
Your initial consultation is $400. You will receive $137.62 back from Medicare if you have a valid and current referral. Review consultations are $200. You will receive $68.89 back from Medicare if you have a valid and current referral. Private health insurance does not cover any out of hospital medical expenses.
Do I have to pay my consultation fee on the day?
Yes settlement of you account is required on the day of your consultation. We accept payment via EFTPOS and credit/debit card. We do not recommend cash as we do not have the ability to provide change. Motor Vehicle (MVIT) and Worker's Compensation patients will have their insurers if the insurance company and claim number are provided.
How much will interventional procedures cost if I have private health insurance?
Prior to booking you for any interventional procedure you will be provided with a written quote. The cost of inpatient interventional procedures will vary based on the procedure and your insurance. In most instances the procedure fee will be completely covered by your insurance. Separate to the procedure fee there will be fees for the hospital admission and the anaesthetist which may have out of pocket expenses.
Do you complete medico-legal reports or provide support for disability support pension applications?
We do not provide review purely for the purpose of medico-legal reports or disability support pension applications.

For other enquiries please feel to contact us on (08) 6183 1817 or admin@optimisepainmanagement.com.au